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Annown, (pron. Ann-ow-ann ) are a contemporary Cornish folk duo. 

Meeting by chance around a campfire at a Songwriters' Showcase at the Trelay Community, North Cornwall, in August, 2018, Clare Coltart and Chris Hytch, (pron. highch) soon discovered that they shared a passion for the history and folk tales of Old Cornwall.

Their original songs reflect these interests, covering tales of ambitious bal maidens, duplicitous wreckers, murder on Bodmin moor, spriggans, giants and brownies amongst other themes.

All their songs are presented in a creative way, utilising sound samples as well as traditional instruments such as fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar. There are blues, jazz and even hip-hop influences which contribute to their unique sound. They are produced by Chris, a former Midlands-based music producer in his own studio, 'The Piggery'.

"Cooking up a beat-based storm, [on their track "Isolde"] are Cornish contemporary folk duo, Annown." -

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6


"Proper, proper folk. If you're into that, go check 'em out!" - Sarah Gosling, BBC Radio Devon