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In order to commemorate the successful voyage of the Mayflower 400 years ago Annown have written a special song, entitled 'Love Brewster' or 'The Ride Of The Mayflower'. It concerns the feelings and observations of one of the very young passengers, Love Brewster, both during the harsh Atlantic crossing and on their arrival at the New World.

Love Brewster or The Ride of the Mayflower

My name is Love Brewster and I have but ten years

I've seen many sorrows and shed bitter tears

But out on the ocean with a fair wind astern

There's hope in my heart that our fortunes may turn.

Wind shrieks through the rigging ,spray soaks through the hatch

Blown hither like driftwood we're battered and smashed

Rolled over to the gunwales, thrown high and thrown low

Like rocks in a sieve we are shook down below.

The main beam she's cracked and the seams they do leak

The cap'n don't know where we lie as he speaks

Turn back , says the crew cos it's safer by far

As we pitch and we roll like peas in a jar.


Well they fixed up the beam with a great iron screw

Then caulked up the holes where seawater gushed through

But I stay on the main deck where I can stay hidden

It's foul down below where it stinks like a midden.

I find the life hard for I work like a man

But I like to help father as best as I can

I hunt and I fish and I help fell the trees

And the future already looks brighter to me.

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