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Events, gigs, radio plays, TV appearances, news coverage, 2019-2023



25/01/2019-The Real Junk Food Project-St Kitts Herbery, Camelford


27/01/2019-Mother Ivey's Kitchen, Legion Hall, Crackington Haven

18/02/2019-Video shoot at The Poldark Mine to promote the single 'Bal Maiden'

24/02/2019-Mother Ivey's Kitchen, Crackington Haven.

02/03/2019-'John Strong' played on Radio Devon BBC Introducing.

08/03/2019-The Real Junk Food Project-St. Kitts Herbery, Camelford.

17/03/2019 Single 'Bal Maiden's Wish' now on release. Video also released.

24/03/2019-Mother Ivey's Kitchen, legion Hall, Crackington Haven.

22/03/2019. Magical Moments, Boscastle

11/04/2019. Magical Moments,

St. Nectan's Glen.

18/04/2019. Magical Moments, Boscastle.

26/04/2019. The Real Junk Food Project, St. Kitts Herbery.

28/04/2019. Wheal Martyn .

19/05/2019  LOSTFEST.

29/06/19. Mother Ivey's Kitchen, Trelay.

30/06/2019. Summer Celebration, St. Nectan's Glen

12/07/19. Magical Moments, Crackington Haven.

13/07/2019. The Mill House, Trebarwith.

19/07/2019 South Petherwin School

21/07/2019 The Poldark Mine.

18/08/2019 Magical Moments, St. Nectan's Glen, Tintagel

22/08/2019 Magical Moments, Crackington Haven.


30/08/2019 Mother Ivey's Kitchen, Trelay

01/09/2019 GODDESS FESTIVAL,St. Nectan's Glen.

05/09/2019 Annown and Friends, No.8, Launceston.

0709/2019 'Water's Edge' played on BBC Introducing, Devon.

21/09/2019 Mother Ivey's Kitchen

21/09/19 'Witches Ladder' played on BBC Introducing Devon and Cornwall

12/10/2019 St.Kitts Party, Boscastle

26/10/2019 The Curiosity Lounge, Bude

18/11/2019 'Isolde' broadcast by Tom Robinson on his BBC RAdio 6 show ' Fresh On The Web'

23/11/2019 Annown at Tresmeer Village Hall

07/12/19 Acoustic Cafe, Tavistock

23/12/2019 'Isolde' broadcast by Tom Robinson on BBC RAdio 6 'Spoken Word Special'.


08/01/2020 Album 'Becoming' released on most digital platforms inc. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify 

The Post article 05th Sept 2019.JPG

Saturday Feb 1st St Kitts Herbery party

Monday 10th Feb-The Barrel, Bude

Thursday 20th Feb-The Acoustic Mill, Trebarwith.

Sunday 5th April-release of video, 'Where The Free Birds Go'

Sunday 12thApril-Visit Isles of Scilly recommends and posts Annown video, 'If Wishes Were Horses' on their Facebook page.

Sunday 19th April-The Barrel, Bude, (Covid cancelled)

Monday 11th May-Release of video 'Browney In The House'

Sunday May 14-Lostfest. (Covid cancelled)

Saturday July 4th-Tavi Edge (Covid cancelled)

Saturday July 4th-Visit Isles Of Scilly use Annown song 'If Wishes Were Horses' on their new promotional film to lure visitors back to the islands.

Saturday July 25th-Charles Causley Festival, Launceston Town Hall, supporting Wildwood Kin. (Covid cancelled )

Release of Tavi Edge compilation CD , featuring  'Witches' Ladder' from 'Becoming' album.

Sunday July 26th Healeys  Cider Farm (Covid cancelled)

20/08/202 Released video of 'Love Brewster'.

31/08/2020 Released video of 'Come To The Glen'

14/10/2020 Released Part 2 of 'Halfway Tour'-The Stable.

Wednesday October 14th-Poundstock Gildhouse,-covid cancelled

December 2020 pre-Christmas video of 'Islode'.

31st December-'Bal Maiden's Wish' included in Ian Anderson's January podcast, (fRoots)

Lostfest brochure.jpg
brochure Cornwall Folk festival.jpg

07/02/21 Official video release of ' Higher Down Gate', the Charlotte Dymond story.

17/04/21 'Magical Moments' on Crackington Haven beach.

27/04/21 Resumed recording for second album, 'Widdershins'

07/05/21 'Magical Moments' at Boscastle.

19/05/21 'Annown on the beach' Crackington Haven.​

15/06/21 'Becoming' the featured Album Of The Week on Roger Williams' A World Of Difference show on Blues and Roots Radio.

15/06/21 'Bal Maiden's Wish' played by Ian Freedman on 'The Readifolk Radio Show'

22/06/21 'There Was A Bee' played on XR's Rebel Radio show

25/06/21 Buddha's Kitchen, Launceston

09/07/21 Buddha's Kitchen, Launceston.

23/07/21 'Higher Down Gate' played on The Invisible Folk Show

04/08/21 Annown On The Beach-Crackington Haven

08/08/21 'Witches Ladder' played on The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show.

Annown (1).jpg

14/08/21 Launceston town square

15/08/21 Trelay community, Crackington Haven

27/08/21 Camelford bandstand


28/08/21 (evening) KALIEDOSCOPE FESTIVAL


01/09/21 'Rain On A Black Hat' played on The Richard Harris Blues and Folk Show.

11/10/21 Release of second album, 'We'll Follow Vincent'

29/10/21 'We'll Follow Vincent' played on The Readifolk Radio Show.

15/11/21 Interview on The Folk Show, 107.1 FM

19/11/21 Buddhas Kitchen .

05/12/21 'Browney In The House' played on The Richard Harris Folk & Blues Show.

20/12/21 The new album. 'We'll Follow

Vincent' selected as album of the week on The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show'. Title track played.


28/01/22  Crackington Institute

12/02/22 ' Higher Down Gate' played on Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show.

25/02/22 Buddhas Kitchen

05/03/22 The bandstand, Camelford. St. Pirans Day celebration.

12/06/22 Trelay Music in the Meadow

16/06/22 Release of third album, 'The Haf-A-Face

18/06/22 Launceston Heritage Weekend: Annown songwriter's workshop followed by Annown LIive at the Castle.

19/06/22 Kindred Spirits Festival

26/06/22 Crackington Institute

09/07/22 North Devon Firefly Festival

17/07/22 Bude Heritage Festival

30/07/22 The Little Backyard Concert

06/08/22 Sea View Farm Shop with The Duskies

10/08/22 Bude bandstand

25/08/22 Shooting promo video for 'Three Yards Of Songs'

27/08/22 The FAR stage, Cornwall Folk festival

29/08/22 Shanty Street, Cornwall Folk festival

09/22 Various tracks played on Cornwall Folk Radio regularly

22/10/22 'Bal Maiden's Wish' played on The Richard Harris Folk and Blues show

25/10/22 Buddhas Kitchen

29/10/22 'Never Share A Secret' played on The Richard Harris Folk and Blues show

02/11/22 '3 Yards Of Songs' played on The Richard Harris Folk and Blues show.


05/11/22 Crackington Institute

18/12/22 The Barrel, Bude


11/02/23 Tintagel Social Hall

17/03/23 The Old Clink, Callington, St Patrick's Day

05/04 /23 Cornish group 'The Countrymen' now performing Annown song 'Wreckers'

08/04/23 Tresmeer Village Hall

29/04/23 Crooklets Beach Cafe

06/04/23 The Acoustic Cafe, Tavistock.

21/05/23 Crooklets Beach Cafe

27/05/23 Kindred Spirits Festival

15/06/23 Wadebridge Folk Club

17-18/06/23 3 Wishes Fairy festival

27/07/23 Rock Oyster Festival

24/08/23 Stratton/Holsworthy Agricultural Show

26-31/08/23 Cornwall Folk Festival

15/09/23 Cornwall Folk fest set played on Cornwall Folk Radio

21/09/23 Wadebridge Folk Club

23/09/23 Launceston Folk Club supporting Kevin Dempsey

24/09/23 Crooklets Beach Bar and Cafe.

25/11/23 Launceston Folk Club supporting Jake Walton

03/12/23 'Meet You Halfway' featured on The Invisible Folk Show

04/12/23 Launceston town square

10/12/23 'The Long Climb Home' featured on The Invisible Folk Show

17/12/23 Supporting The Stowes at The Eagle House Hotel


06/01 Crooklets beach Bar

18/01 Philleagh Folk Club

21/01 Keep Audio, Launceston

30/01 The Saltbox, Wadebridge.

01/02 Annown song 'Like The Roses' featured on FATEA Spring showcase

02/02 The Napoleon Inn, Boscastle

10/02 Crooklets Beach Bar

28/02 'Like The Roses' played on The Beyond Folk and Acoustic Show. 103.5 FM

09/03 Tintagel Social Hall

17/03 The Old Clink, Callington

29/03 The wellington Hotel, Boscastle

21/04 The Carpenter's Arms, Lower Metherill

18/05 The Bradworthy Inn

25/05 Kindred Spirits festival

01/06 Lifton Garden Party

07/06 The Napoleon Inn, Boscastle

09/06 The Carpenter's Arms, Lower Metherell

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