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Annown, (pron. Ann-ow-ann ) is a contemporary Cornish folk band featuring the songs of Chris Hytch.

Originally a duo, with Clare Coltart, Annown is now a trio with Chris on guitars, banjo , mandolin and vocals, Fred Cartwright on fiddle and mouth harp, and Phil Bramhill on percussive instruments.

Chris's original songs reflect a love of Cornish folklore and history, comprising  reworked folk tales, historical events and more personal songs.

All Chris's songs are presented in a creative way, utilising sound samples as well as traditional instruments such as fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar. There are blues, jazz and even hip-hop influences which contribute to a unique sound. The three albums so far have been  produced by Chris, a former Midlands-based music producer in his own studio, 'The Piggery'.

"It's a brilliant album, (We'll Follow Vincent),and a good listen and I really urge anyone to head over and purchase the album. You won't regret it!"-Tom Fowkes, The Folk Show, 107.1FM

"Cooking up a beat-based storm, [on their track "Isolde"] are Cornish contemporary folk duo, Annown." -

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6


"Proper, proper folk. If you're into that, go check 'em out!" - Sarah Gosling, BBC Radio Devon

Cornwall Folk Festival

'This amazing duo with their unique sounds and original songs'

"Fantastic!"-David Guiterman, Lostfest